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Nominations to the ECMP EB
Published by Andy Woods on Wednesday, 11th May 2016

Nominations to the ECMP EB

ECMP Congress Sofia 9 July 2016

The Congress of the European Confederation will take place on July 9 2016 at 20:15 at the official Hotel of the Senior European Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria.


The following nominations for ECMP Executive Board have been received:

  • ECMP President - Dmitry Svatkovsky ( Russia)
  • ECMP Vice presidents ( 2 posts) - Andris Feldmanis ( Latvia), Andrey Kuzmanov ( Bulgaria)
  • ECMP EB members ( 4 posts) - Simoka Beata ( Hungary), Anna Bajan (Poland), Anthony Temple (Great Britain), Andrejus Zadneprovsky (Lithuania); Stefano Pecci. (Italy), Jouko Pakarinen ( Finland)
  • ECMP Auditors ( 2 Honorary Auditors are elected by the Congress) - candidates: Peirits Alexander ( Austria), Kopec Slavomir (Poland)
  • UIPM Coaches Commission from Europe - Christian Roudaut (France)